• TSR’s project & full-time placements include:
  • Top Application Designers & Developers
  • Object-Oriented Designers, Developers & Architects
  • Programmers
  • Business Analysts
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Application & System Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Business Subject Matter Experts
  • IT Infrastructure Experts

Acknowledged experts in the recruiting business, our services have been employed by well-known companies in:

Clients:  When to Look to TSR

When it comes to technical staffing, it’s never about simply “filling an opening.” It’s about finding some seriously capable people with 21st century skills.

Look to TSR when your firm requires experienced and well tested talent. Along with immediate attention. When you have special needs, or urgent ones, you can count on our vetting process and our response time.

Require a half-dozen programmers and one system architect in a hurry? Call us. Have a true niche requirement and not sure where to turn? Contact TSR.

TSR has built a rich resource in IT staffing. Since 1969, we’ve provided companies of all sizes with contract computer programming personnel and services to augment their in-house IT capabilities.

Now, with nearly 45 years of successful IT experience, we’ve also developed one of the most comprehensive IT Resources databases in the recruiting business. It’s currently over 3.1 million resumes strong, and counting.

But offering your company a wide choice of fitting candidates is just the first step.

While you manage the project, we manage the rest: scheduling, flexible contract terms, staying in touch with your project managers, and making sure our consultants meet all deadlines, keeping your project on track. When it comes to satisfying project parameters, you have an ally in TSR.

We offer comprehensive recruiting. Learn More about our 5-Step TSR Process.

You want the right personnel, and fast. We understand that, so at TSR we’ve engineered a rather smart process to make it happen.

There are other refined calibrations we share with clients as we recruit, but the basic process comes down to these 5 steps:

  1. To fully understand the client’s project parameters in terms of technical expertise (hard skills) and desired sociability and teamwork traits (soft skills).
  2. Our recruitment team conducts a detailed search of our large, proprietary database of IT professionals, while simultaneously ‘auto-harvesting’ appropriate resumes from the most dependable IT-focused employment websites, to create an initial pool of likely qualified applicants.
  3. These candidates are then further screened, technically and qualitatively, depending upon the specific job requirements.
  4. Next comes client feedback. Our first presentation of candidates for your positions -- and your response -- allows us to review and, if necessary, re-calibrate our search criteria.
  5. We set up an in-person interview so you can finalize your decision on the best candidate(s).