What does being highly responsive actually mean?

What does highly responsive actually mean? A major investment bank turned to TSR to assist their eTrading connectivity team for the company’s Fixed Income trading desk. Using Core Java and FIX technologies, our consultants established connections across major Electronic Communications Networks like the NYSE, Bloomberg, MarketAxess, and TradeWeb. These ECN sessions were then used to exchange both market data and orders between the trading desk and its clients. We’re proud to report that this TSR-supported project significantly reduced the flow time of important trade data, resulting in a significant increase in the Client’s profitability.

Commercial & Investment Banking

TSR has worked with a wide range of commercial banks, investment banks and significant Wall Street firms for decades now. Our ability to support these clients – including some of the very biggest, most highly regarded financial companies – is what makes them choose TSR time and again.

Clients who are involved in large monetary transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions, huge trading volumes, bringing companies public -- or any financial firm working hard to keep up with government oversight and regulation -- have long counted on TSR. You need special, dependable personnel. You require a high level of service at every step of the search and recruitment process, and so this is what we provide.

In short, our banking and financial companies want the tools necessary to meet their precise requirements, and nothing less. So TSR’s financial industry clients expect a special kind of expertise from us as a recruitment company, and from our consultants, as adjunct staff.

And our primary strength is the ability to be responsive, and provide this kind of expertise when our clients need it most.