Public. Transparent.
And Financially Sound.

As a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: TSRI), we are subject to some very rigorous rules and regulations. Required to file detailed financial reports quarterly and annually with the SEC, we are audited and independently reviewed.

We’re well capitalized. TSR has a very strong balance sheet. And all our finances are open to public view. So we are -- as one of the very few mid-range public companies in the recruiting field -- not only totally reliable but totally transparent as well. When we say our finances are sound and that we’re on firm footing, we have to prove it.

We Comply

Exceptional Compliance. Excellent Stats.

Another big part of the “TSR Difference” is how well our numbers support not just our claims but our clients.

We start with our great depth of resources, specifically, a database that currently has 3.1 million resumes in it. Continually updated, this past year we added over 600,000 new resumes to it. We have to. Every year our exacting team of recruiters look at hundreds of thousands of resumes in pursuit of excellence for our client companies.

Picky? Sure. And proud of it. We look, on average, at over 100 resumes for each single resume we submit to our clients for review. Last year, more than 25% of TSR consultant submissions got interviewed.

We believe this is one reason that three-quarters of our work is done for clients that we’ve served for at least 10 years, and in some cases 20+ years.

Beyond the impressive numbers is this: we provide you with detailed background screening, going beyond candidates’ education and employment history to look for any drug or criminal history, as well as compliance with strict Homeland Security and Patriot Act guidelines.

Most of our candidates are also thoroughly tested, not only with a written test but a technical interview too, conducted by high-level peers. So when a TSR candidate comes to you they come pre-tested as well as highly qualified.